Swanson Christian Plan of Salvation Silicon 6 Colors of Salvation Bracelet – 24 Pack with Color Descriptions – Waterproof Gift for Kids and Ministry


    • 24 Pack
    • Sturdy Silicon
    • Waterproof
    • One size Fits Most
    • Great for all Ages
    • Stylish and Encouraging

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    The Plan of Salvation is well known for it’s colors and meanings:
    Red – the Blood of Jesus, Black – Sin, Blue – Repentance, White – Purity, Green – Growth, and Gold – Heaven. This Bracelet Combines all of those colors and meanings into one simple reminder that you can wear on your wrist. Made of Sturdy Silicon that’s durable and waterproof, so it can be worn to any event or activity without the fear of getting it wet. Comes in a pack of 24.
    Each Bracelet is individually Packaged, and the packaging lists the colors and their meanings.
    Great for Witnessing, VBS, Classes, Youth Groups, Sunday School, Fundraisers, and More!

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