Bracelet Woven Wwjd Delta Blue Pk25


    • 25 Pack, Delta Blue
    • Easy-on/Easy-off Buckles
    • Adjustable Sizes
    • Great for all Ages
    • Stylish and Encouraging
    • Sturdy and Durable
    • 9.75″ Long x .5″ Wide

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    What does WWJD mean? It stands for “What Would Jesus Do.” It is a thought-provoking question to ask yourself in every situation. What would Jesus do in this situation? Would He show forgiveness? Would He love first? Would he give to that person and encourage a friend or enemy? Jesus was our perfect example of living life to the fullness of what He paid for on the cross, and we can use this question to become more like Him!

    What Would Jesus Do? These Bracelets make excellent reminders, and are designed to be fashionable, stylish, and encouraging. Precisely and finely woven to ensure they are sturdy and durable, but flexible, and you can feel the quality in the craft of the Bracelets. Includes easy-on/easy-off Buckles that make them adjustable for Kids, Teens, and Adults. 9.75″ Long x .5″ Wide.
    This Pack is Delta Blue, with White Letters and Shiny Black Buckles. Great for VBS, Classes, Youth Groups, Sunday School, Fundraisers, and More!

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    Weight2.3 oz
    Dimensions10.5 × 3.25 × 0.5 in

    Delta Blue