Carabiner Stand Firm Gray


    • 5″ long
    • Appx. 1.25″ wide
    • Laser Etched Carabiner
    • Canvas Keychain with PVC patch design
    • Latch Cover
    • Secure to backpack, belt loop, purse, and more!

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    Sturdy Carabiner Keychain with a latch cover that swivels up or down to ensure the Carabiner stays closed until you want it to open. Carabiner also has a Laser Etched Design – “Unshakable Faith”. Silver and Black Metal, and Black Canvas Keychain with a “Stand Firm” Black and Gray PVC patch. This is a secure keychain for your backpack, belt loop, purse, and more! 5″ long and appx. 1.25″ wide