Communion 35 Cup Economy Tray Goldtone


    • Durable Goldtone Plastic
    • Lightweight and scratch resistant
    • Holds 35 cups
    • Great for church and events and even mission trips
    • Fits all communion cup sizes
    • Easy to clean with a removable top tray
    • 13″ x 9.5″

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    These economy trays are a top seller for an easy to use, durable option. Take them with you as you travel with missions and conferences or keep them on handy for church communion. We have gold and silver with a scratch resistant material that is safe for travel and years of use. John 6:53-58 says those who participate in communion by faith will inherit eternal life and will be raised up with Christ when He returns! We remember what Christ has done for us with communion and experience the power of God through faith!

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    Weight38.4 oz
    Dimensions13.125 × 9.625 × 2.625 in