Portable Communion Set with Simulated Leather Zippered Case includes 12 Plastic cups, Plastic 2 oz Bottle, Aluminum Tin for Bread, and Metal Oil Vial


    • Top Seller for communion at home and on the go
    • 12-Cup portable with simulated leather zippered case
    • Includes a free anoiting oil vial!
    • Includes reusable tube of clear plastic cups, A 2oz sealable bottle, aluminum tin for bread
    • Padded velour interior with straps to keep everything in place
    • Additional strap to hold papers or small bible inside
    • Bread and juice not included

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    Whether you are traveling or want your own communion kit at home, this is the perfect portable set for whatever you need. Includes a beautiful interior and imination leather with silver cross on the outside. John 6:53-58 says those who participate in communion by faith will inherit eternal life and will be raised up with Christ when He returns! We remember what Christ has done for us with communion and experience the power of God through faith! You can take communion wherever you are because Christ is always with you.

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    Weight9.2 oz
    Dimensions6 × 5.75 × 2 in