Pocket Cross God Loves You Silver 200Pk


  • Smooth metal cross with rounded corners
  • Silver
  • with Printed Cardstock Cards
  • Made of Aluminum that doesn’t tarnish
  • Amazing witnessing tool
  • Pack of 200
  • 3 Engraved Designs or blank
  • In stock

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    If you like a reminder of the greatness of all Jesus has done for you and the cross of Christ, these pocket crosses come in different colors and styles to keep with you always. Not only for a personal reminder, but the perfect tool to give away as you spread the good news and love of Jesus Christ! Packs of 50, 200, & 1000 with blue, gold, pink, and silver available. There are 4 unique designs: Blank crosses, “God Loves You,” God Answers Prayers,” and “I Can Do All Things.”

    Additional information

    Weight6.8 oz
    Dimensions4.5 × 3.75 × 3 in





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